United Streams is a diversified oil and gas industry supply company, providing a complete range of equipments, parts, accessories and services for the industry related projects. Our professionals are dedicated for excellence and total customer satisfaction. We offer our clients incomparable supply and service.


To become a leading supplier for the Oil & Gas Industry


Our professionals work with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. With the extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield supplies, our experience guarantees the customer with high quality, cost effective, immediate and professional supplies and services.


Guided by persistent focus on our goals, we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver excellence in every aspect of the business and meet or exceed our commitments to the many clients we serve. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every employee.


United Streams’s clients include exploration and drilling companies, refineries, petrochemical plants, pipeline projects. With complete devotion to the oil and gas industry, United Streams is providing every feasible type of supply and expertise to its clients. Our offering of quality service is inspired by the reputed clients.

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